Please Like Me 4

At age twenty, Melbourne residing Josh, an awkward but generally kind-hearted young man, comes to the realization that he is gay following his last girlfriend and true all around friend Claire breaking up with him on the suspicion of his homosexual orientation. Exploring this newfound homosexuality is on top of dealing with everything else he has to deal with in his life, which is not helped by his best friend and on-again roommate Tom, a straight but somewhat insecure bloke, facing his own issues in commitment with girlfriend after girlfriend, some, such as overbearing Niamh, who are around solely in Tom not wanting to be alone. Those other issues in Josh's life largely center around problems with his parents, Alan and Rose, who have just broken up, with Alan having fallen in love with another woman, recent Thai immigrant Mae. Even without the issue of the breakup, Rose has to deal with bouts of depression in eventually being diagnosed as bipolar, the lows in her life which have led to her trying to commit suicide, Rose killing herself which Josh will do anything to prevent.

Duration: 29 min/episode

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.4